Independent Writing Advice on Pricing Jobs: How I Shed Money on

Independent Writing Advice on Pricing Jobs: How I Shed Money on

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Independent Writing Advice on Pricing Jobs: How I Shed Money on an Modifying Job – 3 Tips to Avoid It I’ve been an independent author, editor and copy editor since 1993. So, I have a great deal of experience pricing independent writing and modifying jobs. However, I seriously ignored one recently, which cost me over half of the potential profit. It simply mosts likely to show that despite experience, you can fall right into this catch if you are not careful Kingw88

3 Tips on Estimating / Pricing Independent Writing Jobs

Following are 3 items of advice on some precautions to take when estimating / pricing independent writing and modifying jobs so you make money the total you are owed — every time.

I. Do not Give a Firm Estimate: You should never ever give a firm estimate unless you are definitely certain you can complete the job within this duration. What you should give up situations where you are uncertain is a conditional estimate.

In my situation, I gave a firm estimate because I’d functioned with this customer on many events before. But some factors led to me underestimating the quantity of work to be done.

What is a conditional independent writing job estimate?

FYI, it is when you type of hedge your bank on a task until you know more information, eg, can undergo it thoroughly and craft a more accurate estimate, which brings me to my next suggestion…

II. Properly Evaluate the Job: My mistake remained in not thoroughly undergoing the job before giving the firm estimate. The document was just 12 web pages — and I should have looked at every among them before obtaining back to the customer. Rather, I just looked at the first couple of web pages.

The problem is, the web pages that needed one of the most work went to the rear of the document.

III. Stay with Your Independent Plans: At my (SEO) writing company, we do not start on any project until at the very least a 50% down payment is made. After that, the content schedule is ready depending upon what day this is.

In this situation, the customer missed out on the at first agreed-upon down payment day, which would certainly have pressed the due day of the project back. Although he paid later on, I informed him we could still deliver the project on the at first agreed-upon due date.

This triggered a domino effect with some various other jobs, which would not have happened had I stayed with my company’s plan and removaled the due date based upon when payment was made.

Estimating Independent Writing and Modifying Jobs: Final thought

Estimating / pricing independent writing and modifying jobs is an ability – one that takes a while to “solve.” I obtained a bit lax on several fronts estimating this job. And it cost me in revenues. Find out more about how I seriously under-priced this independent modifying job. Observe these tips, so you do not do the same.

About the Writer: Yuwanda Black goings New Media Words, an SEO content writing company she established in 2008. She’s been an independent author since 1993, and has written over 50 books, mainly on business of freelancing, writing and self-publishing, which can be found on, her independent writing website. Obtain “How to Set Independent Writing Prices for Online Writing Jobs: A Conclusive Overview of Setting (and Obtaining) the Prices You Deserve,” to assist you properly price every job – every time.