For More Effective Word Play, Name Your Business For Both the Eye

For More Effective Word Play, Name Your Business For Both the Eye

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About the lake where I live, someone painted the name of their home on a shake by their driveway: Happy Ours. The first couple of times I saw it while strolling by, I could not help wondering if this was a pidgin variation of the English expressions “Happy This is Ours” or “Gladly Ours.” The grammar of this two-word mix appeared weirdly off Triplle168

After that I said the name aloud to myself and recognized it was a word play here for Happy Hrs.

I recognize this is a summertime home being called, not an item or company having to draw in the public. Still, this name shows a mistake I’ve run throughout sometimes in business globe – names that make good sense when you listen to them but bewilder you when you see them.

It’s the same for an consuming facility in New Zealand called Delicatessens ca Sea, which focuses on fish and shellfish. Until you stumblingly articulate the dining establishment name out loud, it baffles you. Another one with this weak point found in an on the internet list of pun-named stores is Adorable Ickle, a toefingernail shop. What’s an ickle? Aesthetically this name is mysterious.

On the various other hand, some lively names make perfect sense when you see them but not when you listen to them. A yarn store in Kentucky passes the name With Ewe in Mind. Listening to that, you would not recognize it has anything to do with sheep or yarn. It is a word play here for the eye just. Having actually the same limited success (unless you articulate the name with an overemphasized Hispanic accent) is Juan in a Million, a Mexican dining establishment in Texas. Among the most awful of this kind I’ve found is IndiviJewelistic, which offers jewelry supplies in Great Britain. Imagine needing to mean that one consistently over the telephone or on the radio!

Names based upon puns or wordplay need to make good sense both when listened to when seen. Some successes on that particular score consist of Once After a Criminal offense, a mystery book shop in Minnesota, The Cleaning Well, a laundromat in California, I Feel Such as Crepe, a dining establishment in Toronto and Church of Cod, which seems a fish dining establishment in Alaska.

Various other successes consist of Pane in the Glass, a glass substitute solution in Texas, What Ales You, a bar in Vermont, and Eggs Eggsetera, a delicatessens in England. In these circumstances, if you listened to but didn’t see the name, you might unknown it was a word play here, but what you did listen to and understand would certainly make good sense as the name of a glass solution, a bar and a delicatessens, specifically.

Avoid puns where someone misinterpreting what they listen to understands something disreputable, such as Weaved Wit, a women’s clothes store, Going Pottie, a ceramic shop, or Grasp Lure & Tackle, an angling provide shop.

If you are considering a name and you find you need to mean it out for individuals listening to it, or say it for individuals looking at it before they “obtain it,” after that you have a name with a considerable weak point. Eliminate it from your list of prospects, after that brainstorm more if necessary.